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Terms and Conditions

As a New Distributor of WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D), I understand and agree to the following:

1. I am of legal age (18 years old & above) upon entering into this Distributorship Agreement.

2. This application shall constitute a binding agreement between me & WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D) upon receipt and due approval of the company.

3. I fully understand that this Distributor Agreement is personal in nature & is not transferrable nor assignable except in the event of my death, where law on intestate succession applies, however, subject to existing Company’s policy on qualification as an Independent Distributor.

4. I attest that I personally participated & was personally presented with WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D) and Product Orientation prior to selling the WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D) products.

5. I shall be eligible to sales bonuses, discounts, and privileges that may be granted by the company relative to my sales performance or successful delivery of products. Relevant to my sales activity, I further understand that sales bonuses, rebates and/or commissions are in accordance with the compensation scheme established in the WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D) Marketing Plan, provided, that I have achieved such sales performance in good faith, and that I have not violated any of the provisions of the Distributorship Agreement, Code of Ethics, and Company Policies.

6. This Distributorship Agreement limits a no employee – employer relationship between me and WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D); neither that I may claim to be a legal representative of WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D), nor bind WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D) in any agreements other than those stipulated herein.

7. As Independent Distributor, I am bound to abide the Company’s rules & regulations, and faithfully uphold the Code of Conduct & Ethical Standard. Should I commit any form of violation and be subjected to the necessary sanctions and penalties as provided in the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standard, I voluntarily release WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D) from any liabilities, sanctions and penalties that may cause as a consequence.

8. I understand that I should secure an express written approval from the management of WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D) or any of its authorized representative prior to making any form of advertisement in mainstream media, social networking sites, internet, and online media, including, but not limited to audio, visual and printed materials, other than the Company’s existing advertisement and marketing materials and postings on its official website and official social media pages.

9. I am aware that making any mispresentations, revisions, modifications, or alterations of the Company’s trademark, brand, logos, marketing plan, products, advertisement, marketing materials, and other company provided marketing tools, is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, it shall be deemed violation of the Company’s policies rules & regulations.

10. I shall diligently be responsible settle to the designated government agency/local government unit all due taxes from the taxable sales bonuses I have earned from WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D).

11. I am fully aware that the WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D) reserves the right to modify, revise & update its existing laws and business plan for the best interest of the company.

12. I conform to conduct all my sales activities in accordance with the existing by laws release by WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D) from any liability arising from my own personal actions.

13. All Terms & Conditions of this agreement are governed by the DIRECT SELLING SALES ACT (1993).

I hereby certify that the above information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. In case of any violation of the Terms and Conditions herein stipulated. I hereby agree and authorize WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D) to revoke, deactivate, and/or suspend my privileges as Independent Distributor without prejudice to any charges, criminal and/or civil, that WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D) may charge against me, without limitation to any false information I have provided herein.

I fully understand and further confirm this authority that I am conferring WoW Fintech Sdn Bhd (1207364-D) to do so is with my own free will and volition, without any force, intimidation or undue influence employed upon me.